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Welcome to Yiddils Place. Here you will find a variety of vintage items including Vintage Fountain Pens, Vintage Pocket Watches, and other assorted vintage items for sale. The items offered here and for sale through auction are special in many ways. First, these items are quite beautiful and have not been manufactured , in some cases since the mid 1800s and early 1900s. Second, they are authentic pieces of vintage technology and can not be duplicated. And finally, they were made in the golden age of American technology characterized by the simplicity and craftmanship with which they were made.

These items continue to provide joy to those of us who use and collect them because of their aesthetic and function. They enrich our lives.

All items presented for sale are in good working order unles otherwise mentioned, and they are guaranteed to work as designed or your money will be refunded (less shipping charges and returned as sold.

Thank you for visiting.

Please contact me with your questions or comments at

Picture of the very rare Pelikan Tortoise 800 Set, Fountain Pen and Ball Point, New and Un-used

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