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"Das House" is located in the Northern Neck of Virginia. This is a very historic place were the likes of Washington, Lee and Monroe families lived for many years even before the  Revolutionary War. And it is a place for me to go and relax with friends and family in a way that only the Northern Neck can provide.

This is were you will find "The Yiddil" when he is not at a pen show. Being a huge Boston Whaler enthusiast I have  "Das Boat", a 2004 Boston WHaler Nantucket/Outrage, and "Cygnet", a 1964 Boston Whaler Sport to play with on the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay.

"Das Boat" is named after the movie about that submarine that was unsinkable just like the Boston WHalers are! The "Cygnet" was named after the Swan babies that live on "The Glebe" They are called Cygnets. These swans are the most beautiful animals and spend their days gliding on the waters by our home:)Each year their is a new crop of cygnets on "The Glebe"The "Cygnet" is a 1964 Boston Whaler 13 Sport , one of the first Boston Whalers produced and a real classic.

This is our little piece of heaven, were I and my family relax, and take life easy, as only you can do on the waterfront in the Northern Neck of Virginia. If your ever down this way, please come and visit, youl be glad you did...Henry AKA THE YIDDIL 

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